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Sponsors and Hosts

Reading Girl Geek Dinners are seeking Sponsors and Hosts for our events. If you are a business in the Reading or surrounding area and can sponsor an event, we’d love to hear from you.  Alternatively if you have a location that you can provide with some catering thrown in, we would be delighted to spend an evening at your location, doing the things that the Girl Geeks do.

During the event a representative(s) from your organisation is invited to give a talk on a subject related to your business. This does not need to be a technology specialist company but can be any type of organisation with something interesting to share.

Our aim is to share experiences, knowledge and to generate discussion amongst the event participants about the subject being discussed. Of course we do also welcome companies that can talk about technology they have built or specialise in. Please note that this is not an invitation for a marketing type talk but something with more substance around the technology, how it works, how it came to life, how it has evolved, challenges, successes, and how it impacts us in the world.

 Below is an example agenda

7:00pm – Arrival and food

7:30pm – Event/Speaker(s)

8:30pm – Networking

9:30 – Close

Of course we will work with you to firm up the agenda.


How you will benefit from sponsoring or hosting an event

All advertising of the event will be posted containing your approved company branding during the lead up to the event and also included as part of the events Social Media presence across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Social media is widely used by RGGD and our audience is global so we have an excellent way of spreading the news about your organisation rapidly to a large audience across more than 90 chapters of Girl Geek Dinners world-wide.

A blog entry will be written after the event for people to comment and discuss which will also include your company’s branding and we attempt to post a Facebook photo album of the evenings events also.

We would love to hear from you if you are able to sponsor or host an event. You can contact us at to discuss further how you can work with us.

 We do hope this sounds appealing to your organisation and we look forward to an opportunity to work with you on an event soon.



Do you have some t-shirts with your company logo on them or perhaps some coffee mugs that say who your organisation is?

We’re looking for items that promote you that we can share with our girl geeks. Everyone loves a goody bag and as we hold events, we would love to be able to share some with our Girl Geek community as a thank you for attending. It’s always great if we can promote you at the same time.

As we’re a non profit organisation, we also like to hold competitions and events to raise money which we use to make our future events better and offering your items of swag as prizes can be very attractive and help us to fund-raise.

If you have any swag that you can donate, please contact us at



If you would like to discuss swag, sponsoring or hosting directly with us, you can reach us at any of the following places:


Twitter: @readingggd


We’re always available to chat further about our future event schedule.


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